Well done Mum!

I am very proud of my Mum at the moment - she took on the North Yorkshire Police and won!

She led a campaign against proposals to build a large new police HQ pretty much opposite her sleepy house in South Kilvington near Thirsk. It would have changed the fabric of the village enormously and I am delighted that she stood up for the local community and won!

Here she is appearing on local TV around 1 minute and 10 seconds in :


 Well done Mum!!


Was sitting in one of my many favourite coffee shops the other day, working for one of the most indecisive and mistake prone production companies / end clients on the planet. 

After a good three hours of back and forth with several different (and wrong) pieces of artwork, I stood up and noticed this quotation on the wall behind me. How apt. 



Down in the dumps


There hasn't been much written or said about England's imminent departure from the World Cup 2014 - so I thought I would add my tuppence worth.  (that's sarcasm for you - right there!).

Firstly, I think the team gave everything - and the preparations seemed to be spot on.  The Manager said as much before the games even started.  The fact is, we are just not good enough.

Why that is - I really don't know (sorry if you came here expecting something insightful).  But it is incredibly depressing.  We've got one of the best leagues in the world, but if you took away all non English players, games would be mediocre.  Even in the Championship.  Fact is, players like Suarez light up the English game when they play here.

The obvious conclusion is that imported players take the shine off home grown talent, reducing their chances of regular first team football.  But I would like to think that world class players, plying their trade in England help raise our game and our standards.

More later....

Brighton Marathon


Firstly - welcome to my new website!  Anyone who knows me, is aware of how I love tinkering with technology and trying new things. Well Square Space, which allows you to design and build a website entirely through a web browser (www.squarespace.com) was recommended to me by James Grant from Sevens7 during MWC in Barcelona back in February. I was rather sceptical, but having set up a couple of sites with it am now rather impressed.  It's very flexible and quick - with lots of layout options.  As it's self hosted, I won't have to maintain a server - which is a shame in a way as that is one less thing to tinker with - but at least I should have more time to concentrate on other things. 

I am now getting ready for my debut Marathon - running for Diabetes UK at the BrightonMarathon  tomorrow. I am heading there today with my son Ben to collect my race pack and hopefully get a restful nights sleep before dragging myself around 26.2 miles in the pouring rain tomorrow!


Feeling remarkably calm at the moment, though I am sure that will change.   I flew home from Dubai yesterday, so have been trying to catch up with my sleep and get some rest after a busy week on site. Not ideal preparation I guess. Legs feel ok, but feet still a little sore. 

Still hoping to get in under 4 hours but will be happy with 4 hours 15. It is my first marathon after all!

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