Brighton Marathon


Firstly - welcome to my new website!  Anyone who knows me, is aware of how I love tinkering with technology and trying new things. Well Square Space, which allows you to design and build a website entirely through a web browser ( was recommended to me by James Grant from Sevens7 during MWC in Barcelona back in February. I was rather sceptical, but having set up a couple of sites with it am now rather impressed.  It's very flexible and quick - with lots of layout options.  As it's self hosted, I won't have to maintain a server - which is a shame in a way as that is one less thing to tinker with - but at least I should have more time to concentrate on other things. 

I am now getting ready for my debut Marathon - running for Diabetes UK at the BrightonMarathon  tomorrow. I am heading there today with my son Ben to collect my race pack and hopefully get a restful nights sleep before dragging myself around 26.2 miles in the pouring rain tomorrow!


Feeling remarkably calm at the moment, though I am sure that will change.   I flew home from Dubai yesterday, so have been trying to catch up with my sleep and get some rest after a busy week on site. Not ideal preparation I guess. Legs feel ok, but feet still a little sore. 

Still hoping to get in under 4 hours but will be happy with 4 hours 15. It is my first marathon after all!

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