Down in the dumps


There hasn't been much written or said about England's imminent departure from the World Cup 2014 - so I thought I would add my tuppence worth.  (that's sarcasm for you - right there!).

Firstly, I think the team gave everything - and the preparations seemed to be spot on.  The Manager said as much before the games even started.  The fact is, we are just not good enough.

Why that is - I really don't know (sorry if you came here expecting something insightful).  But it is incredibly depressing.  We've got one of the best leagues in the world, but if you took away all non English players, games would be mediocre.  Even in the Championship.  Fact is, players like Suarez light up the English game when they play here.

The obvious conclusion is that imported players take the shine off home grown talent, reducing their chances of regular first team football.  But I would like to think that world class players, plying their trade in England help raise our game and our standards.

More later....